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1.    COMMUNICATION:  We are extremely responsive to your concerns, and pride ourselves on keeping the client and community manager very informed, whether by email, telephone or attending monthly meetings.  Clients always have our cell phone numbers.



2.     NO BAIT AND SWITCH:  The attorneys at your interview are the same people you contact and are the same attorneys who attend your meetings and answer your questions.

3.     EXPERTS:  We have worked for over 30 years with many of the leading forensic construction experts in the state.  They are familiar with applicable standards of care and local standards of practice, have testified in deposition and trial, and are experienced in mediations.



4.     MOTIVATION:  We are ready to hit the ground running – to maximize recovery we seek to move forward with a claim immediately with the goal of resolving the case as expeditiously as possible.



5.     HIGHEST-RATED:  Our law firm is AV Rated, the highest rating from Martindale-Hubbell, for legal ethics and legal ability. 



6.     EXPERIENCE:  We have successfully handled cases throughout Arizona, California and Nevada since the mid 1980’s, and our attorneys have over 55 years of collective experience in construction defect litigation.



7.     COMMUNITY:  We are active in the legal community and continue to support community associations through organizations such as Community Associations Institute and AACM, and are active on social media.



8.     COMPETITIVE:  We offer competitive fee arrangements and advance all expert fees and litigation costs until the Association receives a recovery.  We always keep the best interests of the community association or homeowners in mind.



9.     TRIALS:  We have extensive trial experience and will take case to trial if fair, realistic settlement offers are not made.



10.   RESULTS:  Our goal is to exceed the client’s expectations by working hard to maximize recovery while keeping the board of directors, community members, general counsel and managers well-informed.

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